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Pruning Kojo-No-Mai

HazybHazyb Posts: 336
So I pruned it ... it was a mass of crossing branches, but have I gone too far?

Before and after - 


  • JemulaJemula Posts: 168
    I have a Kojo-no-mai even larger than your original and have been pruning back a little each year as it's encroaching on my washing line and cutting down on hanging out space.  I think I'll take the plunge and do a radical prune as you have done. The Hilliers website says that it will tolerate a harder prune so let's hope for the best.
  • SlumSlum Posts: 361
    Generally they don’t need much/any pruning. Have a look at the link to see what the RHS suggest.

    However if you like the shape you’ve created, that’s the most important thing. You will not have harmed it by pruning so enthusiastically.
  • HazybHazyb Posts: 336
    I’m getting used to the way it looks now 😀  

    I expect new growth will fill it out a bit more in time. 
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