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what is wrong with my rose cuttings?

I have some rose cuttings which have been in soil for many weeks now, i have noticed new leaf growth however when i carefully pull the cutting out there are tiny white circular particles near the bottom which is in the soil.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,443
    I'm sorry to say but your cutting is dying off at the base... that black is dead and will gradually work its way up the cane... your rose is leafing out because you have it indoors and there is enough in the green cane to produce shoots.. but that will all eventually die off I'm sorry to say..

    Rose cuttings should not be kept in the house.. they should be outside through the winter, preferably in the ground... touch and go whether they form roots or not..

    What you could do, is cut it off above the black, just above that lowest thorn, and below that little bud sticking out, and plant the cane in the ground leaving a few inches at the top exposed... somewhere shady, water it in, and hope for the best..
    East Anglia, England
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