More bats 🦇 please!

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Hi all sorry if this has been asked before but any tips on encouraging bats? I live in the suburbs near Birmingham and so was surprised to see 2 bats flying around my garden last night! 
Lovely creatures, any advice on keeping them happy? 


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    Loads of useful information here Debs.

    Urban bats in the UK mostly roost in buildings, old or new, if they can find a way in!  They ideally need to face due south with the entrance around 13 foot or more from the ground.  You could put up a bat box, if you can find these sort of conditions somewhere in your garden.  Be great if you can encourage them!
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    Fill your garden with plants that are pollinated by nightflying insects ... the ones that give out their scent in the evening ... we have lots of honeysuckle and Sweet Rocket ... we also have a large ash tree which attracts lots of types of chafers flying around them in the summer evenings.. the bats love them ... we’re so lucky as we have a large roost of several species of bats close to our house ... it’s a protected SSSI in old chalk workings.  

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  • debs64debs64 West Midlands, on the edge of the Black Country Posts: 1,967
    Thanks MU and dove, I am planning a night scented seating area so that will help and also a couple of water features I am hoping will attract insects. I won’t risk a bat box as have cats. Thanks again. 
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    Try to eliminate or at least limit lights outside, if you can. Not much you can do about street lights, but if you can avoid, or at least shield, security lights etc in your own garden, it'll be a help  :)
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  • Contact your local Wildlife Society - they will be able to put you in touch with a local Bat group.  Hopefully you can then discover where the bat colony is in your area and what you can do to encourage them.
    Nothing quite like seeing bats flying out of your roof at dusk :)
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