When do your swifts first arrive by you?

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I put up some swift boxes last summer and am very much hoping some will come and make their forever nests here this year. Once they choose a site they return to it each year. I am told that playing swift calls (on a loop on Youtube) will encourage them to swoop down to investigate. I plan to hang a speaker from my bedroom window. When do you first sight yours? I am told the last week of April is usual for the UK.



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    something flew around yesterday: swift, swallow or housemartin I know not which.
  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 3,715
    I've never seen one around here until at least the first week in May. Last year it wasn't until June but all the hirundines seemed thin on the ground last year.
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    I'll be scanning the skies.
  • I am expecting the first sighting of Swifts to be around May.Its great to watch their fancy air show they give us over our garden.Lovely time of year when they arrive

  • Rhubarb7Rhubarb7 Central LondonPosts: 14
    our birdwatching friends at the BTO track sightings in the BirdTrack website and app. The average arrival dates are listed here   https://www.bto.org/volunteer-surveys/birdtrack/bird-recording/by-migration-season/spring-migration  but  from what I can tell everything is a bit early his year and certainly earlier than last year after the v cold beasts. 
    this is interesting too - just came across it https://eurobirdportal.org/ebp/en/#home/HIRRUS/r52weeks/CUCCAN/r52weeks/ 

    Can’t wait to see them, and hear a cuckoo too! 
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    I saw one today! No idea which type it was. Didn't have a squashed head like a house martin or a long tail like a swift so I'm going to guess a swallow. It was probably a house martin though, those are more common. I can see the remnants of a nest from last year so I guess they'll be coming back soon enough and I can identify them properly.
    Last year's swift nest fell off in the heat and the poor wee chicks struggled on the ground and the parents didn't come back to rescue them so they died :(
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    Thanks so much @Rhubarb7. It looks like they have arrived.

    @ImpatientGardener  I'm not sure what I'd do with myself if I had a nestful of dying swift chicks. We have sturdy boxes, which will, no doubt, outlast us all.

    London doesn't get cuckoos any more.
  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 3,715
    Early swifts have arrived here. Only a few but the rest can't be far behind.
  • FireFire LondonPosts: 5,478
    I have been scanning the skies.
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