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Sick tree. Help, please!

Hi, I am an absolute novice in gardening and to be frank I couldn't tell a tree from a bush. I wonder if anyone can help me identify the issue with my tree. It's not leaving properly and I fear it's suffering either from a disease or malnutrition or an infestation of some kind. It's leaves are not properly formed on most branches. I have added some pictures. The nearby plants are starting to show similar signs so it makes me think that it's spreading and I need to cut down the tree to save the garden. Any advice on what this might be and how I can fix it would be much appreciated. Also if someone can tell me what type of tree this is it would be most welcome. 


  • It looks like Acer Negundo 'Variegatum' or 'Flamingo'
    The green leaves have reverted and should be removed or eventually all the variegation will be lost. This tree can take a while to come into leaf in Spring and young growth is susceptible to damage by frost.
    Hopefully it will soon develop into a very pretty tree for your garden.
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