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Sick hydrangea

What's wrong with my hydrangea?  Normally very healthy but the last 3 days it has had curled leaves and looks sickly.  I've given it several soakings but that doesn't seem to be solving the problem .It has been the most glorious thing in my garden for years with lovely blue mopeds, so I'll be sad if this is incurable.


  • Mine is struggling too and somebody else has posted the same today. It must be the hot sun. Ive stuck mine (potted) under a tree for now.
  • Thanks very much - mine's a large bush in the ground.  I suppose I could put a tablecloth over it!  I do hope they all recover.  Actually I have a little one (grown on 2 years ago from the main one) in a totally different part of the garden and it looks the same.   By the way, it should of course say 'mopheads' - automatic spellcheck changed it to 'mopeds'!
  • VivienVivien Posts: 42
    Mine are crispy too but I have put it down to an early morning frost we had a couple of weeks ago. All growing well now.
  • Thank you - no change in mine yet.  Cleared away weeds and a horse chestnut sapling from underneath it...  still hoping.  
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