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Why can't I stop buying plants?!



  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,052
    I might need to step in here 😀.
    SW Scotland
  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 1,247
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 6,952
    Okay l have deleted it, girl guides honour (mind you , l wasn't a girl guide......).
    Seriously though l have deleted it. I went to the GC and bought a load of nemesias today, so l've got my fix......for now  >:)
  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 1,247
    @AnniD. If you feel the need you can always bring it back from the trash... :). If you HAVE deleted it...
  • lilysillylilysilly Posts: 497
    @Hazel-1 I said exactly the same this year (and last year by the way).
    This afternoon after a really stressful day at work, and returning home to a house that appeared to have been ransacked in a burglary, it hadn't luckily, just my husband looking for something important, I hopped back into the car and drove to my favourite GC, just to escape the chaos and to avoid being roped into the search and to buy a essential bag of J.I no3 compost I need to divide a forgotten agapanthus.
    I was doing really well, pushing around my little trolley with my one intended purchase, just going to have a relaxing mooch. I gave myself a well done you, for walking past the peonies with hardly a glance at their big fat buds. I ignored the rose section and the irises even though many were in glorious flower. Had a look at agapanthus avenue and realised I already had them all at home. Steered away from the long clematis aisle, another well done you I thought. Admired the luscious leaved hostas at their not yet munched by slugs best. Had a nice chat to a couple about hardy geranium, recommended a couple of varieties I have that really perform well and don't seed everywhere which they then bought. Walked down towards the exits and checkouts with a determined strut when out of the corner of my eye I noticed something deeply green, dark and purple, my favourite colours. So I had to buy it, a wonderful 3L salvia Amistad plant, covered in bud and full of cutting material, so I'll never need to buy another.
    Then when walking back to my car I helped a lady who'd dropped a box of plants while trying to open her boot. She quickly drove off and then l noticed bits of her plants on the floor, so like the fella down our high street picking up fag ends I shamelessly picked them up. I now have nice cuttings of purple and white osteospermum and sedum Matrona on my kitchen windowsill. 
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 6,952
    Fran IOM said:
    @AnniD. If you feel the need you can always bring it back from the trash... :). If you HAVE deleted it...
    Fran, honestly!  How could you doubt me ?  o:)
  • tessagardenbarmytessagardenbarmy York,North YorkshirePosts: 346
    Guilty again! Open day at Harewood Spring Cottage  Plants and I bought some lovely white Cammissias from Stella. Then took a sick and poorly much discounted (66%) yellow bamboo home from my local Wyevale yesterday.  My Wyevale  is about to become a Debbie so so more temptation beckons😈
  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 5,424
    lilysilly said:
     I now have nice cuttings of purple and white osteospermum and sedum Matrona on my kitchen windowsill. 
    Matrona is one of my favourites. B) I've got the yellow flowered version.

    The Ebay saved search function is terrible for the sedum addicted. Every now and then a nice example turns up that I would normally miss but now it's sent straight to my emails. It's lucky that I usually get outbid or I'd be running out of space. :#
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 2,870
    I've been growing Brachyscome from seed, but they aren't doing very well. So yesterday I bought 4 plants for £5 when I saw them at the local cash and carry.

    In the evening I happened to pop into Lidl, and they had them for £3.99 for a strip of 6! Annoyance. 
  • NanabooNanaboo Posts: 1,057
    My I join the can't resist club. Just back from shopping with three plants, I wanted something yellow so bought a Achillea then for £1 got to the till 50p a Philadelphia and a Lobelia Queen Victoria. I'm of to the garden centre tomorrow for more plants I want some snow in summer and another one which I think is call London Pride, I lost both when our other garden flooded. 
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