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Senetti v marguerite for pots outside

Its the battle of the plants...i want a bit of colour in my pots outside over easter etc....the contenders are senetti 4 quid a piece at asda versus marguerite 6 quid a pot b n q

which is best, less fussy and lasteth longest?

any help greatfully received


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 740
    I found senetti very short lived I wouldn't buy them again although they are admittedly eye catching. I have grown and enjoyed those silver leaved small flowered marguerites and the green leaved yellow flowered one. They are not as in your face but can be overwintered and cuttings root easily. 
  • AchtungAchtung Posts: 159
    I prefer Senetti. When the flowers die down cutback to the base of the flower stems, give them a liquid tomato feed and you will get a second display of flowers. Should last well into summer

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