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Best shrubs for courtyard privacy?

I have a south facing courtyard and I am wanting to create some interest, privacy and shade for my glazed walkway, see pic.  My idea is to to place two large pots in the center of the left and right glazing units but I am unsure which shrub to plant, ideas please...


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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 71,758
    Figs 😊 
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  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen Spain.Posts: 5,022
    What would grow well there depends where you are, south-facing in Cornwall would be different to Aberdeen, so of you could tell us roughly where you are, is it very windy there, how cold does it get in winter, how dense a cover are you looking for etc., would all help to give you appropriate recommendations.

    There are lots of beautiful small trees or large airy shrubs that would create dappled shade, which I think would be nice. But I would think ‘large planter’, even up to 1m2, rather than ‘pot’ as its a big run of windows and looks a generous-sized courtyard. If you want shade at eye-level, but like the sun on the interior floor, you could have a line of long, deep troughs with pleached or lollipop trees in. Don’t be afraid to go big or place a large planter in the centre of the space either.

    Japanese acers have an elegant form and some stunning colours. A wafty clump-forming Fargesia type bamboo (there are some with interesting coloured stems). Standard, tree form of a wisteria like Ameythst. Pleached hornbeam. A pair of dwarf weeping cherries... the possibilities are endless. The only problem with blossom though, is you spend forever sweeping up your patio!
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 26,207
    Inside or outside?  That' s a huge bricked area so I'd be tempted to make some really big, deep planters and incorporate some pots to support a pergola then grow a mix of scented or colourful climbers up and over and some lavender and/or herbs in the planters themselves.

    It depends tho on where you are for hardiness and sunlight and also how easy it will be to water them adequately.
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