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Two more to identify please and one question about tlc?

Sorry me again! Can anyone identify this plant which looks like it will flower soon. Again quite a few have appeared in my rockery

Also I am attaching pics of a salvia and erigeron k which I planted last year. Unfortunately I did not know how to prune them and have neglected them. What should I do? Also I have a very brown alchemilla. Do I just remove most of it? Many thanks again  


  • The plant is a aquilegia ( granny’s bonnet ) they will happily self seed.
    i have pruned my salvias by about a third to just above a leaf shoot.
    my Erigeron, tough as old boots I clip back with shears AFTER its flowered to keep it neat.
  • Forgot the achemila, mine are still brown as well but just cut off brown leaves and the new leafs will soon be through.
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    The Aquilegia will grow almost anywhere. If you like the colour you can collect the seed and scatter in other parts of the garden, don't worry about how many seeds as scattering doesn't produce too many plants ( quite a few get eaten) if it's not the colour you want remove dead heads to stop it spreading.🙂
  • Thank you so much for your advice Chrissy. I will start pruning this weekend! 
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