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ViolettiaViolettia Posts: 20
I would appreciate some advice please regarding, the correct way to plant a bare root peony.  I bought a couple of bare root peonies from my local GC recently.  Yesterday I planted them in a border, following the minimal instructions (you know the type, little pictures, rather than text)on the label they came with.

Please be kind, because you may think, this is a really stupid request for help.  This morning I was online looking at tutorials on a gardening website, one was a video of a gardener planting a bare rooted peony.  This is where my red face appears.  I think I may have planted them upside down.  There were a couple of woody finger like stumps (similar to ones you see on dahlia tubers) I planted the peony with these, woody stumps approx 2 inches long, uppermost.  Now the tutorial I watched looks as though I should have had these at the base. Did I really plant it upside down?  Are these stumps actually roots?


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,061
    Did you plant it with the dangly carrot things (roots) sticking down like this?

    Image result for peony bare root
  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,267
    Could you show a picture of how it looks now it is in the ground, that will tell us whether they are shoots, or roots protruding.
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  • AchtungAchtung Posts: 159
    If you only planted them yesterday you can easily replant them if they're not correct. 
  • Agreed with @Achtung making mistakes is the best way to learn. What variety are they? 
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  • ViolettiaViolettia Posts: 20
    Sorry for not coming back sooner, life sometimes gets in the way, as I am sure you will understand.

    The good news is, I took a look at the peonies, following your posts and I did not plant them upside down.  Phew!

    Thanks all, once again, for sharing your time and knowledge, to help a newby.

    Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend :-)
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