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Growing Sweet Peas around an existing Tree

Jesse2501Jesse2501 Posts: 152

I have limited space. I love sweet peas but have very little sunny space to plant them up.

I have a Magnolia tree, about 4 years old, a metre high, growing in the centre of a raised bed. Could I plant sweet pea plugs at the base of it. The magnolia does little all summer in terms of interest.

Would the sweet pea harm the magnolia in any way? I'm thinking it might smoother the leaves and stop it photosynthesising. But It would provide a great scaffold for the growing sweet pea, and use that space for summer interest.

Any opinions please?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,695
    Sweet peas require quite a lot of water. If you are prepared to water well you may be lucky. The Magnolia roots are quite shallow and you may damage them putting in plants.
     Could you put canes in out of the Root run of the  magnolia, but circling it?
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