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Hi all,

I want to give my garden a makeover but I don't have a lot of experience with gardening. Please could someone suggest the steps to completing this job. I would eventually like it decked and astro turfed. Please note the amount of weeds in the picture and the land starts to dip at the end of the garden. Thank you. 


  • Decking and AstroTurf? I’m not sure you’re on the correct site 🤔
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    Hi Joey, welcome to the forum. I suspect that as you want to go for decking and astroturf, as Brickman said, this isn't really the place. The general advice is for when you want things such as plants and natural turf.
    There maybe someone who can help re: the decking along shortly.  :)
  • Okay, thank you both. 
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    Hi Joey, 
    Any particular reason you want it astroturfed?  Nothing wrong with wanting a seating area but you could reseed the grass/have a gravel garden with a few shrubs and other plants coming through for interest and for the wildlife? We moved into a new build last year with a garden that was just boggy grass but a few borders and a bit of effort and it's lovely now. 
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    If you want it decked and astroturfed, go for it! Get a few quotes for the job and just get it done. I'd do 1/3 in decking and 2/3 in fake grass (decking closer to the house of course). The astroturf would have an edge, probably 50mm concrete edging. Leave 2-3 ft of bare soil around the edge and plant climbers on the fence. Stain the fence black/dark grey and fix trellis panels in the same colour. Mulch the bare soil around the edge in pebbles. That's how I'd do it although I'd prefer sandstone slabs to decking, as decking tends to go a bit green and slippy laid at ground level and eventually rot. And I'd probably lay real turf as it's just cheaper and nicer. In fact there's a lot I'd do differently but I'm getting that you just want a simple, low maintenance outdoor space.
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