How Much Is The Rent For Your Allotment?

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Would anyone mind sharing the above information and what facilities are included, if any? If you could advise which local authority as well that would be appreciated.

I have just received the bill for my allotment for the next year and it is £165.50 including a water charge. (There is a mains tap on site).  

My local authority is Sunderland City Council and I received a letter earlier this year advising they were reviewing the allotment charges but 'when compared with neighbouring authorities...will continue to be at the lower end of the charging scale'.

This charge is much higher than I expected, last year I paid £22.30 but I had moved from a larger plot where I had already paid the bill and I supposed that was the balance owed.

I do think it is a reasonable cost for renting the land but not sure it is in the spirit of allotmenteering?

I would appreciate input from other gardeners, plot holders or not, to see if this is reasonable and also to gauge if this really is 'the lower end of the charging scale'?


  • Until a couple of years ago, I paid £9 pa for a half plot ( approx. 30 feet x 20 ) which included water. I no longer have it but don't think the charges have increased much if at all since then.
    The allotments were in a village and run by the local Parish council ( West Somerset.)
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    That's a lot I paid £52 this year, mine is 2/3 of a full plot due to its position we have water, and regular rubbish skips, as much free bark as you want, and the roads, grass verges and security fence are all kept up together as are any vacant plots (just cut not dug over or anything)
    Our local authority is Gosport Hampshire we have ten gardens in the borough from just 20 plots to the one I'm on that has 360.

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    Just for interest, how big is a standard plot? 
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    Not a direct answer to your question because I don’t have an allotment, but I read this in yesterday’s paper and it has some details in it of size, facilities and cost etc.

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    Because of my age I pay 27 pounds per year for a full plot we all muck in keeping the allotments up to scratch my job is finding horse ,muck for nowt!!!
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    @Lyn  10 poles is the accepted size of an allotment, the equivalent of 250 square metres or about the size of a doubles tennis court.

    Most allotments are half size these day's, as I mentioned mine is about 2/3 in fact it is over at 180 square meters

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    Thanks for your comments so far everyone it's much appreciated.

    I saw another plot holder today who has spoken to the council about this but does not have an answer as yet. Another strange thing about these costs is he has been charged £8 less than I have for the actual plot. I measured mine, it's 105 square metres. That would make (if costs are not incremental but per metre) his 17 square metres smaller than mine which I tend to doubt.

    The greater issue is the water charge of over £100 per plot (I assume we are all being charged the same but don't know that.)

    Looking at @Hampshire_Hog 's post above I feel slightly fleeced! We have no parking, no facilities for manure, bark or rubbish, no committee, no shop, no competitions just the tap and a key to the gate.

    I made a mistake about the previous charges above. I found my contract and the first year was £21.20 and that was the year it was partially covered by my payment for the previous plot. So for 2018/2019 it went up to £22.30.

    In the contract it states 'such increase shall be the greater of at least 5% or in accordance with the All Prices RPI prevailing on the 1st April in each year of the tenancy'.

    I don't understand the second half of that sentence, but if I can calculate percentages then my plot only has increased by 119% and the total charges including water is a 422% increase. That can't be right surely.

    I will ring the council tomorrow and get this confirmed, ask to see costs of neighbouring authority plots and a copy of this future water bill.
  • Northampton Borough Council charge £3,40/pole with 50% discount for those over 60 years or on disability benefits. We have water troughs for about every 10 plots and the council dump bark free of charge, there's also a rubbish skip twice/year although it's not very big and isn't on site very long, I think that it's mainly used by members of the committee who get prior warning of its arrival, there's also a site shop. There are about 200 plots on site and the committee have been very pro-active getting grants from the council and other organisations to provide security fencing, road chippings for a service road around the site and there's talk of toilets being provided on site. 
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    That sounds very well organised Barry, 200 plots, must be some size! Going by the pole calculation above, that seems reasonably priced as well.  Thank you for sharing this information, I'm also not sure if the over 60's get discounts on my site, I might try and inquire hopefully without offending anyone.

    I cynically think the allotment costs in my case are perhaps intended for the funding of something else which is why I would particularly like to see the water bill from Northumbria Water to the council for these plots. It also crossed my mind that since over half the plots have put up greenhouses and/or polytunnels it is thought that we aren't going anywhere and will pay whatever is requested.
  • I am very surprised that our council has kept fees so low as it seems to be in financial difficulty itself especially considering that the site has unlimited water, I dread to think how much that costs and is included in the plot rent.
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