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Hi there. I have lived in my house for more than a decade. It is an 'elevated semi' which means that I have a massive bed at eye level height from the pavement, at the front of my house. It was taken over by Montbretia when I bought the house and it still is. It is a massive flower bed basically, at least 40 feet x 18 feet. What can I do with it? It is a SORT OF rockery, but I live close to a park. I have thuggish trees in that bed too! Any ideas?


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 2,473
    Welcome to the forum Sara. Can you show us a photo of your front garden?  Things to consider when deciding what use to make of a plot of ground are:. Which point of the compass does it face?  What type of soil is it, sandy? Clay?  Acid or alkaline?  

    What trees have you got and do you want to keep them?  Do you want the plot to be a vision of loveliness, or just tidy and easy to keep it that way?
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    Hi There, sorry for the late reply - I would send a photo, but it looks awful at the moment, in spite of my efforts yesterday.  I want a vision of loveliness as I have never had that in over a decade. The trees must go. They are from seeds dropped by birds that are impossible to dig out. I have no idea what sort of soil I have, apart from the fact that it is not clay. I also have slugs to contend with, that eat any new plantings virtually overnight, so plants have to be not on the slug menu either. It all looks so overgrown at the moment.
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    Don’t worry about it looking awful, Sara, we would need to see it to give you some advice and suggestions. The ‘before’ pics are just as interesting as the ‘after’.
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