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Sycamore trunk

jaffacakesjaffacakes Posts: 434
Hi all,

In my new garden, it looks like there was a large sycamore that was cut down at some stage but they left one trunk. I am currently using to to hand the bird feeder which is visible from patio doors. Quite fun to watch them  :)

I was going to cut this down to base but now i'm starting to like it a bit. I guess if i keep it under control, it won't get much bigger? There are many shrubs nearby, flowering currant, forsythia and barberry and a mature Silver birch. Would it take much moisture away from those?

Basically i'm not sure whether to cut to base or keep. For now i might leave it as a bird feeder and watch out for the sycamore seedlings.


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,195
    If you'd rather keep it for now, it's your garden so please yourself. Just keep an eye on it and cut it right down if it gets troublesome.
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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,714
    If you pollard it every winter to the stumps you have now it will be OK. Forget it for two years and it will be up to 20 ft again. I speak from experience. Now, do we get a new chainsaw or carry on struggling with the old temperamental one.?
  • jaffacakesjaffacakes Posts: 434
    Thank you both. Yeah think i will leave it for now and cut it back every winter. Even i cut it back to ground, not much else will grow there anyway with big roots everywhere.
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