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Plant/weed identity

Hi folks can anyone identify this please. 
Im new to gardening and currently clearing the garden. 


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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    Could they be one of the less common polygonatums (Solomon's seal), like polygonatum odoratum?
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  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,308
    It might be a Polygonatum of some kind? (Common name Solomons seal).
    There are various hybrids. Some tall,  some short, and with wider or narrow leaves.
    Another spring flower with similar leaves the name escapes me, D something? Disporum, I might be wrong had it and lost it.
    Meianthemum, another possibility. Though that the tips tend to bend over as they come up.

    What size and height are the leaves and stems, good photo, but it is hard to tell.
    Looks good and healthy.
  • Thanks everyone .. I thought it was jap knot weed but it looks different .  I’ll go measure it and come back with my findings 👍🏻
  • So the height of the heights lest one is 300mm, they are spaced in a half moon shape. 
  • I have just dug one up and I defiantly now think it is a solomans seal it has many roots and little ball things exactly like this picture  
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