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Bird box nesting?



  • We have a dozen or so bird boxes, but have seen no nesting activities at all, very disappointed.  Does anyone know the correct height for bird box siting - I think ours are too high up.
  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,613
    I believe that Robin/Wren boxes just above ground level well hidden in bushed or ivy etc. Tit boxes around 2 meters above ground level, and Sparrow boxes above 3 meters from ground level. All boxes to face away from full sun or be in a shady area.
  • Thank you barry island - I would say our boxes are too high off the ground judging from your advice - most are at approx 4 metres.  What a pity it is too late to move them this year.
    The only exceptions and I am sure you would agree are the swallows, house martins which make their own nests here - roughly 20 foot high and the owl box which has been used on numerous occasions  is approx 15 foot high.
  • paul-15paul-15 Posts: 10
    Hi Everyone my first post.  My partner and I have been discussing this over the last few weeks as we have a good number of boxes up a few years.  One has a camera in it.  Up to now we have had no takers but a couple of visitors to some of the boxes.  We have now come to the conclusion that the  weather East Yorks has been a bit cool and the caterpillars and spiders haven't started hatching so the food they need is not ready yet.  Here is hoping the next few week we see all the boxes taken up.  Country file weather says big improvements in next weeks weather.  Fingers crossed 
  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,613
    I did see a blue tit checking one of the boxes out today, he sidled up to the box stuck his head inside and flew away, obviously not up to his standard.
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,682
    Thank you barry island - I would say our boxes are too high off the ground judging from your advice - most are at approx 4 metres.  What a pity it is too late to move them this year.

    If you're sure they're being ignored, I can't see any reason not to move them. Plenty of time for them to be used if they're put in better positions.
    Maybe just carefully open to check they're not being used first.
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,032
    I've got tit boxes at 5 or 6 metres high and they get used every year. Height is of little concern to birds in my experience but exposure to the wind and sun and safety from predators will put them off. I've seen sparrow hawks time a run at a nest box just as the bird emerges after dropping food off. They must watch them go in and then they know they'll come back out in a few seconds. Birds also like to be able to get the chicks to a safe tree after fledging especially if they've got a brood of 7 or 8 to keep an eye on.
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  • We took your advice and moved 4 bird boxes (all empty) a metre down, so now approx 2 - 3 metres off the ground - all are in trees, there are plenty of trees and shrubs around the garden.  We used to have more hedging but honey fungus is slowly spreading through the remaining privet and escallonia so we are replacing them with other plants (more trees too).
  • We have a bird box which must be around 14ft of the ground on a telegraph pole, sparrows are nesting in it right now.
    Male sat on top box

  • Singing GardenerSinging Gardener Posts: 1,215
    This is from my camera nest box. Seven eggs as of yesterday and the bluetit started sitting the day before so looks as if she's finished laying.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Last year the bluetit's mate abandoned her so she only laid 4 eggs which came to nothing.
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