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Do organic spuds from the supermarket have anti sprouting stuff on them?

jambonsambojambonsambo Posts: 8
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Hi this might sound like a stupid question but I am wondering if organic spuds from the supermarket will work well as seed potatoes or are they treated not to sprout?

I have some organic store bought spuds that have been in the kitchen a few weeks and begun to show tiny bits of sprouting . I am considering sowing them but would  I be better off with  some actual seed potatoes  bought from a garden center ?

Great forums by the way , glad to have discovered them!


  • B3B3 Posts: 27,298
    As I understand it, but I'm no expert, seed potatoes are less likely to have disease or virus.
    Organic doesn't mean disease -free and my non--organic SM spuds sprout if I don't store them outside
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  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,511
    Im not aware of organic potatoes (or any other kind) being chemically treated in any way to stop sprouting, only the cold storage process, where low temperatures are used to inhibit them. They should sprout fine, once chitted, you can cut them up into smaller pieces, so long as each one has an eye. The only benefit to seed potatoes is that they have been screened for fungal and viral infections, as potatoes are quite disease-prone and can spread infection via your garden soil. As you are growing them in your wheelie bins and won’t be reusing that compost to grow more potatoes this won’t be an issue.

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  • Thanks folks I have a lot of Questions about growing spuds I ll start a new thread and list them out
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