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Aquilegia Vulgaris Stellata White Barlow...

Janie BJanie B Posts: 865 what I ordered online (6 of them!), and the accompanying photo was:-

Buy Aquilegia Vulgaris Stellata White Barlow Plants  Sarah Raven

However, this is what is growing in my garden:-

It is a pretty aquilegia, no doubt, but is it the one that I ordered...? 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,526
    No it isn't . I would contact the retailer.  Most of Nora Barlow relatives come true to seed, but obviously a bee has been in.
  • Janie BJanie B Posts: 865
    Thanks for confirming that, @fidgetbones.

    I've just read up, and on the rhs www it states: "White Barlow is an upright perennial, to 90cm tall, with grey-green divided leaves and distinctive, pompon-like, white, double, spur-less flowers in early spring and summer", and my flower certainly has spurs! Also, it is very different in habit from the other aquilegias I have in the same bed (stellata black barlow, stellata ruby port, and stellata nora barlow), in that the plant is much more compact and the flower stem much shorter. It looks like all 6 of my new plants are these counterfeits! I will contact the retailer to see what they say...
  • Janie BJanie B Posts: 865
    Just to say the retailer (Sarah Raven) has offered me a full refund on the plants I purchased. Happy with the refund (but, tbh, would rather have had the correct plants in the first place!). 
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