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Azalea leaves turning brown/black

Martin105Martin105 Posts: 15
Hi to all again
My Azalea plant has flowered again as normal, but plant leaves are almost all covered in brownish, blackish spots. I'm not sure if this leaf problem has been there for some time, but do know that I did replace a few inches of compost (ericaceous mix used) in this pot, about 3 weeks ago. Looks that bad that I think I would have spotted it then. This is my only surviving Azalea, and has always been in a pot, different pots, over the 3 years or so since bought. Its obviously the evergreen variety, and according to the label, should grow eventually to about 1 metre tall, similar spread.
Have to say that growth has been extremely slow, but it does flower well. Its situated in an afternoon sun position, but spend most time in shade or semi shade
Here are a few images taken of the plant
 The dilemma is what to do with it now. 
Should I wait until end of flowering, and then prune it hard, even if that means no display next year. Or perhaps get rid of it
Also concerned that whatever the problem is, that it may transfer to my other plants, most of which are also in pots. The fact that it has not grown that well since I purchased it, kind of makes me want to get rid of it, but would still like to know for sure, what the problem is, and even if I cant save it, learn from it
Thanks in advance for any info


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I'm sorry to hear that your plant has not been that well since you purchased it. Unfortunately these leaf spots are quite common on evergreen leaf Azaleas and it's not really ideal to prune them off as you mentioned, the plant is naturally quite slow growing, so will cause it more stress.

    They are prone to this type of infection because their leaf coverage and branching is very compacted and leaves little room for air flow and water droplets collects over the leaves and slightly under them spread it about.

    It's generally tolerated, and if you lightly prune out some parts to allow more air flow, that might help. Water from below in the summer time and keep the watering consistent so it grows stronger.
  • Martin105Martin105 Posts: 15
    Sorry I'm a bit late in responding, but thanks for the all views and especially the post from Borderline. It is a detailed and educational response, and is much appreciated.
    I think I may try and find a new home for this Azalea, if I can persuade some one to take it
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