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Hi. Our Council had free compost made from what they had collected from our food/garden waste brown bins.  Looked lovely, was still steaming, and well rotted, we just had to shovel it into our bags and take home.  I have used it to mulch the border between us and the neighbours, it was a bit smelly but I thought this would go.  It hasn't in two weeks, and neighbours are not happy. Smells a bit like it's been mixed with carnivorous manure (poo) - I guess there were probably a lot of food scraps in the brown bins.  Years ago when my lawn clippings pile got whiffy and attracted flies (didn't make compost in those days), I used to water it with a solution of "Condies' Chrystals" - potassium permanganate - just enough to make the water pink and this worked.  However, what will a dose of potassium do to my border plants?  Any better ideas? Thanks 


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    I had a similar experience many years ago.
    I made 4 rose beds in my front garden.
    About 1/2 mile away there was a pig farm with bags of fresh manure outside. I bought 16 bags and spread them over the 4 beds in late spring.
    The smell and flies lasted for quite a few weeks.
    The neighbours did eventually forgive me.

    Not sure what you can do.
    I'd never heard of the potassium permanganate idea before.
    As I recall it only takes a few crystals to turn the water pink, so I doubt it'll have any significant effect on the plants. Give it a go
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  • Thanks Pete

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