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Native & non native plants on river bank

James271James271 Posts: 5
I am lucky enough to have a river at the bottom of my garden, and I am trying to tackle Himalayan Balsam invasion. I want to plant some alternatives to combat this, but I do not want to plant any non native species. Can anyone suggest some plants, or even better a reputable supplier that I may be able to source from that is environment agency approved? 


  • Hampshire_HogHampshire_Hog Posts: 1,089
    edited April 2019

    You must find out which permissions and licences you need to maintain, repair, build or remove anything in or around a watercourse. This includes:

    • creating or changing a mooring, mill, fence, dam, weir, bridge or culvert
    • changing the banks
    • removing material from the bed

    You’re responsible for getting the permissions and licences you need. You may get a fine or go to prison if you don’t do this.

    Talk to the local environment agency I help maintain our rivers as part of a fishing syndicate and we require permission to do any work at all on the banks or in the river, better safe than sorry.

    This will help.

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