Hi all, I have worked as a greenkeeper for the last 20 years and just this month I have opted to start my own gardening business. I have been building up clients in the evenings for few years. However now I need to think about insurance! I wondered if anyone has any suggestions about good companies that offer suitable insurance for professional gardeners.... Thanks in advance


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    google "public liability insurance" and see what pops up. 
    Unless you're doing tree felling / chainsaw work or other high risk stuff, you probably don't need it . 
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    If you run it as a business then you are required by law to have liability insurance and I would highly recommend it accidents can/ do happen and people get sued unfortunately people seem to be out for what they can get these days. 

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    NFU Mutual used to be good for that sort of thing. I have no recent experience but I would think they’re worth checking out. 
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  • Yeah I will need public liability as will be spraying chemicals etc (yes I have the qualifications). I will have a look at nfu. Just seems a lot of the ones I am looking at don't cover me for the chemicals or for tools in the shed. 
    Thanks for the input. 
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    MrJ.   Take a look at SB insurance.  Just up your street I’d imagine.  A landscape insurance company, plus public liability, employee indemnity insurance, the lot.   0333 014 6683
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