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Edging off grass

I have a gravelled front garden but the neighbours grass is coming through the iron fence.  What can I put down on their side of the fence to stop the grass impinging into my garden ?


  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 1,185
    What kind of fence, sorry but for clarity, when you say iron is it raiings and open?
    And who owns the fence?

    If you have an edging to your gravel,  I can only suggest putting something like slabs or half slabs, or bricks on edge. So it makes a tall enough edging so it does not creep through.

    You can't put anything on their side, only yours, unless you speak to them and they agree.

    There are also various plastic or metal edgings you could possibly use slightly raised up to block it. Though non of these things look particularly nice.
    It would save you having to constantly weed it out.
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