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Citrus tree in a container

Hello, I have been given a gift of a citrus tree (lemon) for my wedding... I'm desperate to support this plant to thrive as all previous plants don't seem to do so well in my house. I'm following online guides and am concerned the temperatures aren't right in the house and not sure where best to meet that need... but I will try and figure that out. My question is: I was given this as a gift, it is in a pot and the pot has no drainage. All literature I have read about citrus trees says it needs very good drainage. Obviously I will be very wary of watering but is there anything else I need to do to manage any risks to the plant from this? Thank you in advance. Mia


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,117
    Change the pot!  Use that one as a container for another plant in a pot so you can remove it and check drainage.

    I have 3 citrus plants in pots with drainage and a loam based compost.  They live outside facing full south at the front of the house once all danger of frosts is over.  In the cold part of the year they go to the polytunnel which means they get full light even in winter.  I feed with specialist fertiliser for citrus plants and I don't water them in winter unless their compost feels really dry.

    It gets really hot here in summer so I do stand their pots in a tray which means they have a reservoir of about an inch of water but the pots are deep enough for that to be enough to keep the compost moist enough without drowning the roots.
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  • Thank you that's a really helpful message, I was wondering if I needed to get some sort of tunnel - I live in south England so even spring is cool here. We have a conservatory but obviously that's only good if the sun is shining. I will look to re-pot as well, thank you .
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    As Obelixx says put in a pot with drainage, best to get a saucer/tray with pebbles in to stand it on that way it has a moist air around it, especially in a centrally heated house. What size is it, and do you have a conservatory or big window to give it plenty of light. 🙂
  • And to chip in, make sure to feed it as citrus trees are big feeders. I've had a Thai lime in a summerhouse for a year, in a large ceramic pot and it has done really well. But make sure you don't over water it, just dip your finger in the soil and only water if it's properly dry. I tend to feed a little every time I water.
    Been using this specialist feed: 

    Hope yours does well, wonderful to have them in blossom. 
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  • LynLyn Posts: 21,881
    George, does it say on the bottle the NPK? 
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  • I can check tomorrow @Lyn and let you know, it should do. 
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  • Here's the label @Lyn
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