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Janie BJanie B Posts: 948
I think it was @Lyn (apologies if not!) who recommended potting up leggy cosmos seedlings and burying most of the stem. Can I do that with other leggy seedlings? The other ones that are quite leggy are nigella. I think I read you can do it with tomato seedlings, but wondered if this can be done with all, or just some, plants. Many thanks.


  • LynLyn Posts: 23,075
    Definitely with tomatoes,  that is the way to do it as they put out roots further up the stem and make a stronger plant.
    You can do this with other seeds, but the best way to go is make a note of when you sowed them and sow next year a couple of weeks later, with the longer days they won’t get so leggy in the first place. 
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  • Janie BJanie B Posts: 948
    Thanks, @Lyn, I'll definitely wait a little while longer next year. But since packets of cosmos and nigella have so many in, I'm planning on sowing some more later on too... Never grown either before, so not sure how many I'm going to need to fill in gaps in borders, pots etc...
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