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Air conditioning unit for hedgehog hospital (shed)

AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,421
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My local rescue is looking for advice re fitting an air conditioning unit. I know it's a bit of a long shot,  but maybe someone on here might know something about it !
Here is her post:

Does anyone have any knowledge of air conditioning units please, the type that fit on the wall

In the summer the hospital gets extremely hot (greenhouse hot) , we cannot open windows because then we get flies so I’m looking to get an air con unit fixed to the wall.

Until now we have used a free standing unit but it does take up a lot of space on our work surface and our hospital isn’t very big.

Obviously price has to be taken into account and cost of installation but just wanted some pointers or info on what to look for when buying.Thank you  :)


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    try freecycle. All sorts of stuff going there.
  • Hampshire_HogHampshire_Hog Posts: 1,089
    I would suggest they contact a AC company for expert advice as a lot of information needs to be considered i.e room area, temperatures, No of air changes per hour, etc etc these all have a bearing on the size of unit required.

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    In Australia houses without air con, and many with, have fine mesh gauze screen doors and windows. The glass windows and normal doors can be opened but the gauze screens keep out flies.
     Look on Amazon for window mosquito nets.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,421
    Thank you all for responses ,much appreciated. 
    @Hostafan1, l'll suggest that, also @Hampshire_Hog l will pass that info on.
    @fidgetbones , they already have the fly net stuff , problem is that they have concerns about security as she has to work and the volunteers are not there all the time so leaving the door open is a worry. Not that there is anything worth stealing but there are some very nasty people out there  >:)

    Thanks again.  :)
  • In a smallish room that faces south and suffers from tremendous heat gain, we have a Fujitsu unit. It sits high up on the wall and is connected to the main unit that sits outside. It has a thermostatic control so it's not a case of it becoming freezing cold, switching off and letting the room warm up a bit. With the door closed and the a/c on the room can easily sit at 22 degrees even if it's 35 outside.

    These through the wall solutions mean you don't need to have a window ajar for the air pipe, as you would with the mobile, free-standing units.

    Do get your friend to talk to a specialist fitter. Recommendation is better than just flicking through pages online. If where she lives has a community Facebook page or something she should find people happy to endorse a particular company. 

  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,421
    @rachelQrtJHBjb, l wondered why this old thread had popped up, it's 2 years old  :)
    The hospital has just had a brand new updated air conditioning unit fitted after fundraising. All the hoggies will be nice and cool 🦔.

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    There was probably spam, now deleted. Good to get an update, though.
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    Yes ... spam selling aircon units 😠 

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    I've already reported you for your previous advertising @Stephanie308uParr.
    Give it a rest or Pay Up.
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    and POOF it's gone
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