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Wood Chippings Removal Question

I've got a large flower bed area that has weed membrane down with chipped bark,its been down for a years but i've decided i want to have it a just a bed of soil. is it best to remove and dispose of it or can i turn it over into the soil.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160
    I'd turn it into the soil, it will 'melt down' eventually. It breaks down much more quickly in contact will soil than on a membrane

  • mike.mpsmike.mps Posts: 5
    Wow you are brave, I'm in the process of putting chippings on all my beds as the amount of weeding in the summer is simply overwhelming and much prefer to use all the that weeding time doing more positive aspects of gardening!.
  • I'm in agreement with you mike.mps.  We have thick wood chip on all our beds and even if a weed does dare to come through (which isn't very often) - they are so much easier to pull out than if we still had just the bare soil, plus I think it looks so much nicer with the wood chip and keeps the slugs away too.  The only downside I find with wood chip is the established plants don't reproduce as their seeds aren't able to come into contact with bare soil so easily.
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