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Raked hard - feed or seed?

Hello we have scarified the lawn with the Titan rake attachment - we had some bald areas before but I think it’s looking promising. I was going to put seed down today and a little lawn soil to help fertilise it. But now I’m wondering if I should just put some Scott’s lawn builder down for moment and seed in a few weeks time as it’s a little chilly here in Berkshire? 


  • I'd go for seed in a week or two - perhaps mid April.  Maybe loosen it first and mix the seed in with some compost.  You could even put it down now actually as the coldest temps are forecast for the next few days.

    The areas are small enough that you could use the product "Patch Magic" which you can get from wilko and contains really good seed in a "coir" - it's the fastest and most effective way to get patches filled in but it's a bit expensive so not cost effective on large areas.
  • CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 615
    Thanks James, appreciate your advice. 
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