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repotting house plants

KamoKamo Posts: 41
I've got several house plants that need repotting, I've got nice indoor pots for them to go in but as I've never repotted a house plant before I wasn't sure if I should pot them up straight into the pot or pot them into a new plastic pot and pop that inside the nice pot? Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question, at the moment they are all in plastic pots inside an indoor pot.


  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,353
    What kind are the new pots?
    If the new ones have drainage holes in I would pot straight into them unless they seem too big for the root ball size of the plants that need repotting.

    If they are pots without drainage holes I would repot the plants into plastic ones again so you can lift and check them for standing water.

  • KamoKamo Posts: 41
    Thanks Rubytoo, the pots don't have drainage holes so I'll pop them into plastic ones.
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