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I have a loganberry in a large pot that I planted last year, it grew a few long shoots, which I have tied into a support. these shoots lost some leaves over the winter but look ok, and have new leaf buds emerging up their length.

My question is about the fruiting & pruning. How do I treat them? 

Do they fruit on last years growth or new shoots? I assume last years, as I didn't get any fruit last year. I have some new shoots emerging form the base this year. I assume, that I treat it just like a summer fruiting raspberries and cut back last years growth after fruiting this year?

Also, any advice on mulching?

Any advice is much appreciated.


  • CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 617
    Hello I have a loganberry planted in our garden which was a cutting from my in laws garden which in turn was in their parents garden! Mine is on a west facing fence in the ground with some dappled shade from a  plum tree opposite. I would say it would prefer to be In The ground. You should start to see pretty white blossom flowers on the stem and these in turn turn to fruit. Once it’s fruited completely you cut all the spent stems to the ground (around August) and by then it’s usually throwing up new shoots ready to be tied in. This over winters and then the process starts again. Just the same as a blackberry Loch Ness I have . I think you need lots of room for a loganberry as each stem puts on around 12ft at least - hope that helps. 
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