Sango Kaku in a pot. Size limit?

James 11James 11 Posts: 35
Currently have a Sango-kaku tree in a 50cm pot which it's been in coming up a year, and I'm wondering how long I can keep it in this pot/how large it will get before I'll need to pot it on. I think eventually I might get it to a 1mx1m container and after that start keeping the roots trimmed. Anyone with experience keeping maples in pots would be greatly appreciated! :)

(excuse the backdrop, haven't gotten around to renovating the garden/hacking off the bad render work yet)


  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 1,642
    Why don't you pull it out of the pot and have a look to see if its pot bound ? you could keep it in the same pot if root prune . 
  • James 11James 11 Posts: 35
    I've got a feeling the roots should be fine for another year or so. Was just thinking it would be handy if large pots had a hatch for root inspections... I've seen in garden centres quite tall maples in pots fairly similar in size to this pot but cant say for sure if those are healthy specimens..
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