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Is this blight?

RoyaldeeRoyaldee Posts: 7
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I'm a novice gardener that's started growing a few potato plants  (currently under frost cover) and I noticed on a couple of the plants brown marks on the leaves. After a quick googles I'm thinking it's blight which I'm assuming if so I would need to get rid of the plant? Thank you for your advice in advance :) 


  • I couldn’t be sure but I think it’s too early for blight, it looks more like water splash and the sun has scorched it.
    i hope I’m right.
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,184
    It looks like scorch to me too. Try not to splash the leaves when you water, directing it into the tub, rather than sprinkling over it.
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  • RoyaldeeRoyaldee Posts: 7
    Thank you for your advice, should I cut back the damaged leaves? 
  • I would just leave them it won’t hurt rather than making a wound when you take the scorched leaves off.
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