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Laurel Hedge

I planted approximately 85 Laurel plants 2 years ago (March 17) to form a hedge down one side of our garden.  In two years none of the plants have died but growth has been very limited.  

Approximately 15 of the plants at either end of the edge seem to be doing a lot better compared to the others as you can see from the two pictures.  I think there may be more competition with other plants/trees for the middle section.

We are living in the South of France near Perpignan so temperatures from now through to October are generally very warm.

The larger ones are currently around 90cm and the smaller ones around 60cm (pretty much the same as we bought them). 

If anyone has any suggestions on the reason for the slow growth or indeed any tips on how to get things moving they would be gratefully received. Also frequency of watering/any feeding tips etc.

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