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Which compost will suit a purple hydrangea?

I have a beautiful purple hydrangea with dark almost burgundy leaves that I bought at the end of last summer.  I don't know the variety.
It is just starting to sprout it's gorgeous dark leaves and I would like to repot it and keep it as a patio plant. I've been looking into the different soil types for keeping blue and pink hydrangeas to the original colours, but what about my deep purple one??
should I use ericaceous or normal compost? 


  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,051
    I suppose it depends on whether you want it to be a royal purple/mauve or a more bluish purple! Tricky one, but I would think slightly acidic, so perhaps try a mix of normal potting compost/john innes and ericaceous? If you find its coming out too pinky, you could then give it an occasional acid feed and mulch with more ericaceous compost.

    If you have a pic of it in flower, your could post it on here and someone will probably be able to identify the cultivar for you. That might help, as you could then look up what the recommended soil PH is for that particular one.
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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,085
    Whatever you choose, you'll need soil in there as well, not compost alone, as it won't be  enough for a potted plant, long term.  :)
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