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Bamboo roots

Having dug up our 3 small bamboo clumps (about 3 years old) before getting out of control and potting them in large pots I find the ground filled with tiny fibres roots. Would the bamboo regrow from these? Do I need the excavate the soil or find a killer? I am looking to replant the area with a camellia instead.


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530
    There are many different bamboos, so my experience may not be relevant.  I moved to a house that had a dense thicket of bamboo, fortunately growing in an escape-proof concrete raised bed.  It took me ages to dig it out, the roots were like steel cables. They were easily extracted from the soil, but left behind a mass of smaller roots inseparable from the soil. I dumped it onto a border which I didn't plan to do anything with for a while, it all rotted down and no new bamboo ever grew from it.  The bamboo's former home is now a pond.
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