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Blueberry bushes produce but don't grow.

I planted 10 one to 3 year old blueberry bushes in 2015. Almost all produced ok in 2016 and very well in 2017/18.
The problem is, I think it's a problem, is that the bushes themselves haven't gotten very big. I have 5 different types.
Almost 5 years in the ground and most are under 3 feet tall. Last year I had one Patriot bush shoot a single cane 18" above the rest of the bush. I thought "that's more like it", but that was it. I have 2 Jersey bushes that are at the 3 foot mark and very full. But even those, I believe, should be taller.

I fertilize in the spring with ammonium sulfate. They look full, healthy and green. And produce fairly well. Not sure why the are stunted. Maybe not enough water. Maybe too much water, though I doubt that. Any ideas?

Oh, I did have my soil tested in 2017 and the ph in that area ranged 5.1 - 5.4. I will have it tested again this week.



  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    I planted mine about the same time, maybe a year earlier. Mine are 4-5 foot high now. It sounds like yours are doing ok, they have only been in the ground for 3 summers. This year they should give a bit more of a growth spurt but you may have small varieties too. I am pretty sure patriot only growth 3 foot tall. My sunshine blue which is a dwarf variety is only 1 foot tall. My goldtraube is the tallest at 5 foot.
    I planted my Spartan into the soil last year which is not acidic because spartan is my least desirable variety at the moment and I reckon it has shrunk in that time lol. It is also only a foot tall at 5 years old. 

    I am still a beginner myself but since these plants require 0 maintenance during the year it all comes down to chosing the right soil in the first place it seems.
    I have added perlite at about 20% to my ericacaeous soil, makes the soil a bit lighter, especially later on potting into their final sized container.
    The variety makes a difference too although jersey should be tall. 

    Maybe too much feed early on could delay flowering but I could be way off with that one. I have never fed mine and they are doing well.
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