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Eucalyptus Silverana

Hi, has anyone any experience/knowledge of this plant? Eucalyptus Silverana.  Only hubby came home with it from the garden centre thinking it would be lovely in the garden and it would be but I can find no information either from the garden centre or online anywhere about it. There was nothing on the plant ticket other than name and price. All I can find is lots of warnings saying do not plant a eucalyptus tree because of it's root system and now I'm really concerned about whether to plant it or pot it or just get rid which would be a real shame. It currently stands about 8ft tall, trunk about 1" diameter and is still in the pot it came it (about a handspan tall). Our garden is heavy clay and it would be about 12ft from the house but near a corner fence which ajoins us to two other peoples properties. I have no desire for it to get any taller either so does pollarding the height reduce/keep the roots system to a minimum?
Any advice/knowledge greatly appreciated!


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 5,148

    I've just planted 2 of these in pots, but I only grow them as annuals or 2 years at most..
    It's just a variety of eucalyptus gunii.. which is a very fast growing tree, so if you plant it in the ground you will have to be prepared for that but you can coppice or pollard these very easily, and they are nothing to worry about if you are prepared to keep them under control that way... you could cut it right down to just 6 inches if you wanted, just saw off the trunk, it will soon start to shoot out again this time of year.. or do that next year even..

    If you let it get away from you, you will have a very tall tree on your hands... for this year as yours is 8 foot tall, I'd be inclined to take that back right now to about 3 foot tall, either repot it into a larger pot or in the ground... or leave it as it is but it will need controlling...
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 7,246
    I found an example on a website here
    It seems to be a standard gunnii with very silvery leaves.
    If you can keep it juvenille then you're ok.
    I let my E.gunii get out of hand. It reached about 100ft in 20yrs and cost £1100 to have it removed back in 2012 - I've still got a 5ft diameter stump. You wouldn't want that 12ft from the house.
    You live and learn :)
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