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Greenhouse Build - Frustration!

I bought a 6ft x 8ft Eden Lean To from and this week decided to build it.  During week I prepped the ground and levelled it ready for the greenhouse.
Today I started the greenhouse build, and everything went ok. The instructions were very odd, one page referred to a certain part number only for next page to refer to it as something else - but I took it steady and managed to work it out eventually.

Anyway frame completely built and it was on to glazing mid afternoon, it said start with roof and two rows in it was going great....then third row and I couldn’t find the glazing size referred to instructions. I opened up every glazing pack and measured everyone and nope not there.  I started to panic as it said always complete glazing in one go and here I was with no glazing to fit. Quickly nipped around to Wickes and bought a Perspex sheet and cut out two make shift windows for those missing.

After all that delay light was failing so I have had to live it with roof glazed only and will be back at it tomorrow. No wind forecast so hopefully will all be ok for the morning.  Just so frustrated that some of glazing is missing, would have been hard to check all 8 packs prior given space to lay it all out but a lesson learnt maybe.

To top it off I broke a 610x610 on last roof space before I packed in, was snug with frame and as I had glazed rest of roof it was hard to find space to get holdingcips in etc.

So not feeling too proud of a hard days work tonight but tomorrow is another day and hopefully will get through it and it will hold up with Perspex until I can call customer services on Monday to ask for missing glazing.

Does anyone have any neat tips for fitting greenhouse glass in right spaces or should I be worried about leaving the glazing incomplete tonight?


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