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On one side of my rose garden is a row of four Generous Gardener roses. They seem to have been intended by the previous gardener to act as an informal boundary hedge between the rose garden and the shrubbery beyond. They are by far and away my favourite rose in the whole garden - between the four of them they produce bucket-loads of the most beautiful scented roses for the house - but I'm not sure the "informal hedge" idea really works. As they're really a climbing rose they send up 6-foot-long stems that wave around in the wind and snap off. I've tried keeping them more compact by pruning but I feel like I'm just butchering them. Really they need something to climb up. But what can I put there that won't look odd? My current preferred idea is two sections of 6'x3' trellis, positioned landscape-format above the roses, with the roses tied in on both faces - so, two roses per trellis, three fence posts. But hubby thinks they will look rather odd just "floating" along the spine of the border. Any thoughts?


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 5,349
    That must be one unruly hedge, it's not really the rose for that purpose, but you should be able to tie in the long upright canes it throws out, towards each other somewhat?   I wouldn't prune them back, the tops are the most flexible part and can be bent towards the other bushes... I use green string to do mine..but I only have the one plant, however it has jumped ship from its support so now I'm training it across to another support using rope...

    If you are on Instagram, look up Niff_barnes who does the gardens at Asthall Manor, and see the amazing things they do with their roses, even training them into rings.. I've never seen anything like it..   so try to tie them down any which way you can, would be my advice...   here's the link if you want to have a look.. otherwise I don't know what to suggest really without seeing photos of your situation..

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 26,280
    You can peg the long stems in arched formation to hold them down and protect them from strong winds -  or you could erect a few fence posts at 4 to 6' intervals and stretch tensioned wires between them and then loosely tie in the stems to the wires.  Either method will increase flower power too
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  • AdstidAdstid Posts: 75
    Wow, Marlorena - I have never seen anything like that! I have a rambler by my front gate that I bend over onto the fence - looks like a great white wave for a couple of weeks each year - now I am thinking I should bend it more artistically - what an inspiration! 
    Thanks for the suggestions. Hubby is in favour of simple posts and wires, as you suggest Obelixx. We'll have another look in daylight!
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