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Hydrangea Pruning

Hi Guys
I know this question has probably been asked hundreds of time. so I am sorry
to ask again.
I live in the S E England

The weather has been fantastic recently all my Hydrangeas have started budding and I am desperate to prune them.

I know you should wait until after the frost has gone which is usually April May time
But I am now getting inpatient and want to do them now.

what do you experts think ?   
Prune them now leaving additional buds just in case
or should I wait.

Please help


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,852
    It depends more on variety than on frosts.

    Mopheads and Lace-caps flower on last season's wood so you should just nip off the dead heads without harming th ebud behind.  If they are getting too large or straggly you can take out one third of the stems - choose the oldest looking - right to the base.  This way you renew the plant completely every 3 years and maintain flowering vigour.

    Paniculatas flower on new season's growth so you can safely cut those back now to a low pair of buds but best not when a frost is forecast so the wounds have a day or three to heal.   

    Quercifolias can also be pruned now but not too heavily - according to the RHS.  I've never grown those but someone else can tell you. 
    Vendée - 20kms from Atlantic coast.
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  • Hi
    Thank you for your reply
    My main concern was regarding when should I do the pruning
    Now or wait

    I have all the types of hydrangeas in my garden and the knowledge on how to prune them

    But many thanks in replying so quickly
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,669
    Hello coppersend, (hope we can meet) we have removed all the dead heads from our now, which we left on over winter.
  • Thank you Nanny
    I was just concerned if we get any frost 
    But I'm going to take them down this weekend

    The schools looking good all the weeds and rubbish has now been cleared
    I've planted the oriental Lillie's. the Gladiolus bulbs and other plants Luppins Chinese Lanterns and some others bulbs.

    Cant wait to see them come through.

    I need to sort the water out as the hose goes across the Children's play area
    I've managed to get a couple of old plastic dustbins which I'm going to fill with water 
    Hopefully I will only need to fill them up once a fortnight.

    Hosters being transplanted next week from my garden to the nursery
    then it a waiting game for dahlias and Begonias. 
    I've got the wild seed garden to do with the children soon

    Its looking good and I'm getting excited when its in bloom I will share the photos

    Tumbling Ted - Saponaria Ocymoides and  carastium Tomentosum -snow in summer into some of the tyres next week

    Mel  xxxxx
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