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Border and potted plant advice

Hello everyone I have a couple of questions I would welcome your advice on.

1 - when we first moved into our home, the garden was extremely over grown, we had a lot of cutting back etc to do as part of that there was a a fairly large ash tree that was quite diseased and couldn’t be saved so that was removed.

Generally our garden is now ok however during really wet spells the garden gets really boggy (I appreciate we’ve had exceptionally weather recently so it will exacerbate the problem) so I would welcome any suggestions on quite water hungry shrubs or smaller trees that can be placed into a border?

The second question is I feel the rear of my garden is quite overlooked, we have an area of decking and I would like to have any recommendations on climbers that can remain potted throughout their life to climb up a trellis to offer a little more privacy.

thank you 


  • HortusHortus Posts: 39

    With the damper part of the garden you have quite a choices.

    You could embrace the conditions and make a bog garden.

    Ferns love those conditions as well as candelabra primulas who love damp conditions and look so nice in spring. Hydrangeas of course will thrive especially if there is some sun.

    As for your decking area, a simple jasmine will grow reasonably quickly and should cope in a largish pot. It will also provide fragrance and space for wildlife. There are evergreen versions as well.

    You could also use annual climbers like the ones in last weeks gardeners world. They are great in pots and will scramble up a trellis of fence and then be over in the autumn when privacy is not as big an issue as you will be in the garden less at that time of year.

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 3,993
    I've always wanted to grow Rogersias, they like the wet. And Eupatorium if you have space. Cornus is an obvious shrub you could use. 
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