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TraceyJoyTraceyJoy Posts: 12

Can anybody identify for me  if this is a plant or a weed it has grown and spread quite quickly which makes me think maybe a weed. 

Many thanks in advance 


  • HortusHortus Posts: 43

    Ah that is Alkanet.

    It has a very pretty blue flower that the bees love, BUT it will set seed everywhere if you do not control it.

    It has quite a deep tap root so dig deep and remove the plant. Just make sure that you remove the seed heads before they scatter as well.

    I have it in my garden and am on top of it now.

  • TraceyJoyTraceyJoy Posts: 12
    That's great thank you, I'll remove the majority of it leaving a few plants for the bees 😃🐝 but making sure to remove the dead flowers before they seed.  
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