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I have inherited a large christmas tree (approx 6ft tall) in a pot. The previous owner said it was too heavy to move, lucky me. I'm assuming it is a nordman fir but was about to lightly prune and generally tidy up but have an infestation. The main stem has a sticky residue and there are mite like bugs aplenty. Any ideas how to clear this problem?


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    I suspect that if it's stuck in a pot it has been starved of nutrients and water and become weakened.  The fist thing to do would be to water thoroughly and then, when it has drunk enough, blast with a  hose pipe with a  spray nozzle to shift some of the pests.  Then a foliar feed which just means pouring over a liquid feed form a watering can with the rose fitted.

    This will make it stronger and better able to resist pets and infection and should also wash off a lot of the sticky stuff which is probably honeydo excreted by conifer aphids.

    Have a look at this info from the RHS to see if it helps you identify the problem and then treat it -

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