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Skimmia - where to plant

Sandra100Sandra100 Posts: 130
I bought 2 small skimmia plants in pots at the end of last year, have had them in an unheated greenhouse since.
Now I'd  like to plant them in my borders somewhere, does anybody have any advice on where to put them.  I've got a south facing garden with heavy clay soil but some shady bits at the back.
Thanks in advance!!


  • They are mostly happy in semi shady conditions. Have been growing some in fairly bright conditions (behind the wall of the front garden) for a year and they have done well, but the leaves suffer a bit from too much sun...may move them in the future, I took my chances as they only cost £2 each at a clearance. If they are very small maybe plant them in pots and grow them further in case they are not strong enough to go straight in the ground. 
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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,851
    Shade for them. North to east facing sites suit them best. They'll take some sun as long as they're not getting dried out,and the soil's suitable.
    Not sure why you've had them in a greenhouse though. They're very tough plants. Make sure you start acclimatising them as soon as poss. 
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  • Sandra100Sandra100 Posts: 130
    No, I'm not sure why I've  had them in my greenhouse either.  Thanks for the tips, will plant out soonest!

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