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There is a special offer on lupin plants in the new Garden's World mag and I was interested in them.  Google has told me that the bees like Lupins - is this correct?  Also I want to grow them in pots if possible although they can grow to 2 foot tall and our area gets a lot of wind.  How flexible are lupins, would they move with the wind or are the likely to snap?


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    I grew some the other year and they snapped of last year. I've just put stakes in to support them once they get going. We live on a hill and the wind whips down the road. The other thing I found was they get covered in black fly. 
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    Hi there,

    Morrisons are selling 5 Lupin roots (in Blue and White/Pink shades) for 2£, which i think is better value for money than GW offer, where just the postage will be more than that.

    also keep in mind that Lupins are Slug Magnets. So unless you are ok to use the blue slug pallets, its a risky plant to grow.

    good luck!
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    That doesn't sound very promising Dee73, the advertisement says that these don't need staking which is why I thought that perhaps the stems were flexible in the wind. Like you we have windy areas in our garden which is where I would have planted the Lupins.  Perhaps I will have a re-think!
    We don't have blackfly in this garden, so I don't want to encourage them to come here if I can help it.
    Thanks for sending me the Morrisons offer Umairashmed, unfortunately we don't have one here, or Aldi either.  I am well aware that we have to pay and arm and a leg for most of our "stuff" that is imported.  Annoying to say the least.  I had some lupins many years ago and they disappeared and I assume that the slugs had got them.  Luckily we now have hedgehogs and the slugs aren't so abundant in our garden thanks to them.
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    What about foxgloves or Hollyhocks if your looking for a spire type plant but they tend to self seed, Bear Britches but the send out runner I think. I'm growing Astilbe Spirea in pink and another in white they get to between 60 - 80 cm but they will most likely need a stake.
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    ye bees like Lupins and they can be grown in pots , my mums had some in pots for years the pots are quite small as well , they don't get to full size either in a small pot . I rarely stake mine but they can be damaged like most plants with strong gales. Why don't you try Lupin Gallery mix they are a bit smaller than russsel lupins . I may have some Lupin gallery seeds if you would like some. 
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    Just been looking through my seed box. What about Lupinus hartwegii Alalune mixed sadly no seeds in the packet or you could have them. I means they are in the garden somewhere. They do get to 40 cm high but can be grown in pot which you could move if high winds are forecast.
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    I grow lupins in pots here and they've never been too bothered by the wind and it does get a touch windy in the Welsh hills now and then. I can move the pots to a sheltered spot if it gets bad but I don't remember ever losing any flower spikes to the wind. The slugs seem to stay away from the pots too and the bees love the flowers. All mine have been grown from one pack of roots from Home Bargains that I bought a few years ago and I make sure to take root cuttings and divide the older plants every year. You soon get over run with them. They grow feral on the sides of the road up here so they must have a bit of hardiness about them.
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    I find they only need staking after they are damaged! This rarely happens - they are quite sturdy.  I have a slug issue in my garden so my Lupins always go in pots on the potting bench until nearly flowering and then I place them in the border, or just on the patio - they still need some slug deterrents and an evening check-and-pick of any determined slugs. Worth it though - beautiful plants. 
    My garden and I live in South Wales. 
  • I have sent you a message perki and thank you for all the helpful comments.  I am reassessing my Lupin ideas, but still hope to have some flowering in the tubs.
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