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Privet hedge problems

I'm no great gardener: I now need expert help! My main achievement has been - to plant and grow a length of Privet hedge that's been established for about ten years. But last season - plants stared to die off, from the middle and moving progressively outwards at a rate of a couple of plants a month.

The leaves went yellow then mottled brown; the leaf veins went black; then the leaves dropped off; and the wood became brittle. I dug out the dead/dying plants and a few healthy ones either side; and I took out the chopped-down plants' roots. I've read about Honey Fungus but could see any black 'bootlaces'. Now: this lurgy has struck again, in a totally different part of the hedge.

...any advice on what I can do...? 


  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 11,012
    I wonder if it is anthracnose, also known as twig blight. Hopefully someone on here will have better knowledge. 
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