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Carnation Potting on please

Hi everyone

I sowed some Carnation (Dianthus) seeds on 15 February.

Last week, I pricked out the seedlings and put them in 3 inch pots.

I hope someone on here can help me please.

I am not sure when I should pot the seedlings into larger pots. I read somewhere it is after about 6 weeks. Could you please tell me how will I know when to pot them into large pots.How big should the seedlings be. I have enclosed a photo.

Thanks very much.



  • BiljeBilje Posts: 743
    I think they'd be ok for a while, I can't think they'd fill those pots with roots in six weeks. If you pot on too soon it means there's lots of cold compost around the roots. Wait until they are growing well, and/or you can see roots through the drainage holes. Keeping your open fingers across the top of the pot turn it upside downs and slide the plants rootball out of the pot then you can see if the roots are congested and have a better idea of the plants needs.
    ive just checked overwintered pelargonium cuttings which are growing well, no they don't need potting on, the roots were far less developed than I thought they'd be! 
  • Hi Bilje

    Thanks very much for your advice. I am new to gardening and I really appreciate your help.

    Good luck with your pelargoniums.


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