Cornus Kousa shape and variety

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i had a Cornus Kousa for 8 years. It had white brachts, strawberry type fruits and leaves that turned copper/red in autumn which is common to most cornus kousa.  Sadly it died from being waterlogged.

The question and mystery is that it had quite a few 'weeping' branches... Does anyone know of a variety it may have been?  (info tag has long gone)  or whether shape was simply down to the fact the branches were weighed down from the volume of leaves.

Help please as I really would like to replace it this year.


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    Start with a clean slate.
    I have a Cornus Kousa chinensis which looks gorgeous in May, but it spreads quite a lot and the lower branches as you say droop.   In a smaller garden I would have  Cornus Kousa "Miss Satomi" which has pink bracts.
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  • Sueellis76Sueellis76 Posts: 2
    Thankyou Fidget for response and advice. 
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    I’ve gor on called China Girl which I am very pleased with - white bracts
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